The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company began in 2002 with a small group of artists committed to “changing how people think about Shakespeare,” to produce shows that allowed audiences to connect to classic works in whole new ways- ways that are fresh, innovative and sustainable.

In just under ten years, CSC has become one of the fastest growing artists organizations in the region. Last season, CSC served over 12,000 residents from throughout the region with their high energy approach to performance and education. CSC is obtaining a name and reputation for creating unique performance experiences that bring audiences closer to the process and the artists. It does this by creating intimate performance environments and opportunities for conversations between audience, artists and the wider community.

CSC is a collection of over 50 artists lead by the Founding Artistic Director Ian Gallanar and Managing Director Lesley Malin and a vigorous Board of Trustees. These artists have made an artistic home at CSC and are the major force behind its success. This collaboration has resulted in a highly popular arts organization that has gained the attention of media from around the country like CNN, Money Magazine, American Theater Magazine, Arrive Magazine, Southern Living Magazine, the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun for their vibrant artistic and proficient organizational management.

CSC’s outdoor home is located at the PFI Historic Park in Ellicott City, MD. Their new indoor cultural center is located in the Inner Harbor neighborhood of downtown Baltimore and is scheduled to open in 2014 after a $6M acquisition and renovation is completed.

CSC is in the process of answering the question “What makes Shakespeare so great?” with the assumption that the question is a quest that will, probably, never been sufficiently solved. That’s why we invite the audience along for the journey. What is it about this work that resonates? What has lost its meaning? Why do we care and why should we?

Our professional artists work at CSC along with other Baltimore/DC theater companies like Synetic Theater, Everyman Theatre, Taffety Punk, Rep Stage, The Shakespeare Theater, the Folger, WSC Avant Bard, Gala Hispanic, The American Shakespeare Center, The Bay Theatre Company and others.

CSC is a member of TCG, the organization for professional theaters across the United States and the Shakespeare Theater Association, the international organization for professional Shakespeare theaters.

In CSC's short history, it has gained a reputation for innovative, energetic and popular productions that connect to audiences.

The staff and artists at CSC are attempting to create a new model for what a "theater company" is and means --one that connects to its community and its neigbors in an open way, one that serves all members of the community, not just the adequetly served.